As a California native, Stan Lebovic grew up somewhere between Venice Beach and his father’s downtown factory.

There, where the surf met the sweat — where the daily tide mixed with the daily grind, he came to appreciate the conflux of beauty and of beast.

In many ways the animation of re-purposed piping conveys a sense of triumph. Cast-iron pipe does not assemble discreetly, its ends are threaded into fittings, which serve as visible joints, lending a sense of mélange to the overall character. And yet this patchwork of pipes and fittings can have an elegance, an attitude, a heart.


Stan Lebovic

Stan Lebovic studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. He has owned several illustrative service companies, and is the CEO of Black is a Color, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to Holocaust awareness through the arts. Early in his career he published a children's book, which received a Toy of the Year Award and was featured in Disneyworld and on the QVC Television Network. More recently he released two books, one having to do with the Holocaust, titled Black is a Color and the other an illustrated Passover Haggadah called, Escape Velocity. He is currently working on another book with the working title: RebelLion.

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